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The internet has meant that buying sex toys or adult DVDs has become a lot easier and less confronting than it used to be. There are now hundreds of Australian adult retailers with online presences which means you can buy locally from the privacy of your own home. I thought I'd recommend a few.

Adult Stores For Women

I really do recommend this site - they have an extensive range of the latest sex toys including locally made items like the Diva and Heavenly Nights chocolate sauce. Actually, their entire inventory is impressive and they're very big on making sure your shopping experience is discrete and anonymous. The staff like to keep everything on site and they even personally test and review what they're selling. Their prices aren't too bad either.
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Downunder Toys
This is a Melbourne-based company that makes their own silicone sex toys and they also run an online store, selling their products and a bunch of other stuff. They also publish sex toy reviews and some good sex advice.
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Maxxx Black
This is a new women's store located in Newtown in Sydney, with a strong emphasis on high end, deluxe toys. Lots of good silicone stuff too, and their prices are competitive. They've just started a blog which looks interesting. It seems they're very lesbian-friendly.
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Bliss For Women
Founded by a sex educator, this Melbourne-based adult store specialises in the sensual and erotic. This includes DVDs, sex toys, books and more. Their range isn't huge but everything is vetted by the store staff to ensure it's top quality. There's also sex advice and some articles.
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Other Australian Stores
These guys are the biggies and they're probably the best known Australian store thanks to their heavy advertising campaigns. Their buying power means they're relatively cheap. Unfortunately they really only offer the mainstream stuff so if you're after something quirky - or for women - you should try elsewhere.
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They're site is bloody ugly, but these guys reckon they have the largest collection of sex toys in Australia. They also stock the Expose Australian erotic film collection.
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International Adult Stores

So, sometimes you just can't get hold of something in Australia, so you've gotta go offshore to get it. Here's a list of useful adult stores that I recommend.

Ms Naughty Inadult
Good Vibrations
Babeland - a female-friendly store based in San Francisco
A Woman's Touch
Sex Superstore


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