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What Is "Porn For Women"?

This site aims to offer pornography to Australian women. But what is "porn for women" exactly?

A lot of people assume porn for women involves soft focus, romantic plots and fairly tame sex. Indeed, there are some who reckon that romance novels are really what constitutes women's porn, since they are so consistently popular with female readers.

I believe that porn for women is a broad term that can encompass all kinds of explicit content, be it romantic sex, BDSM or full-on filthy hardcore. The key is in the intent of the creator - if the porn has been made primarily for the consumption of women, then there's your definition. The target audience makes all the difference.

This is an important distinction because the vast majority of porn is made for men. It depicts male fantasies and focuses on the female as an object of desire. The guys in mainstream porn films are rarely given a lot of screen time (and they're not paid as much). Most of the language used to describe porn speaks to the viewer/reader as though they are male and too often the language is also derogatory toward the women involved.

Erotic material that speaks to and from a female point of view is porn for women.

I would also say that porn for women is material that depicts female fantasies and the female experience of sex. Gender does make a difference to how we have sex so women's porn should reflect that.

Another important factor is making the woman's pleasure is the focus of attention, so that she is seen as the main point of the exercise rather than, say, a sperm receptacle.

There is a wider movement within the porn industry to create erotic material that is more positive, inclusive and intelligent. It's a reaction to the general awfulness of much mainstream porn and it seeks to remove the sexism, racism, hatred and general tawdriness from this form of sexual expression. It wants to move away from cliches and assumptions and depict a more realistic, believable form of sexuality.

Porn for women is part of this movement. It's a turning away from standard porn. There may come a point in the future when porn does become more positive and inclusive and a separate "genre" for women won't need to exist. But for now, it's very useful. When the majority of content is "for men" you do need to make a distinction that lets women know what's different.

Thus, this site and the various other sites and movies listed here. Women who want to explore porn need to start somewhere. There is so much pornography out there and the vast majority of it is shit. Too many of us settle for high-end mainstream porn movies that only offer up the same old stuff - cliches, fake boobs, repetitive position changes, bad acting.

The fact is, there's better stuff out there, erotica that is worth the time, money and effort to seek out because it leaves you feeling better about yourself. Porn for Women Australia is here to help you find what you need.

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