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The internet is the easiest and most private place for you to find the porn you want. It's instant, cheaper and also not plagued by censorship restrictions. So we're pleased to bring you a quick guide to some of the best adult sites designed for straight women.

Bright Desire
Created by me (Ms. Naughty), Bright Desire is a new wave, feminist porn site that offers smart porn - real sex that's intimate, joyful, positive, fun and incredibly hot. The site features all of my short films and erotic scenes including real-life couples making love with laughter and real pleasure plus male and female solo scenes with sensual fantasy voiceovers. There's also artistic photography, erotic fiction, reviews, columns and an archive of hardcore porn to keep you occupied. Designed for women but also appealing to men, Bright Desire crosses boundaries and seeks to offer something different. Smart porn that connects.

"Bright Desire is a refreshing entry into our porn galaxy.” – Violet Blue

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For The Girls
One of the oldest and largest porn for women sites on the web, For The Girls has been making straight chicks happy since 2003. This site is a mix of hardcore couples porn and naked men with some hot fetishy stuff thrown in. The site prides itself on publishing original erotic fiction from a variety of talented authors. It's also an online magazine, with articles, interviews, news, sex advice, columns and more. It's updated regularly and of course you get access to huge archive of past material.

"A Sex-positive, feminist, and out and out hot porn site!" - Janes Guide
"For the Girls has opened a whole new door to my sexuality!" - JS, Member

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Sssh offers a more sensual erotic experience to women seeking something softer. There's explicit sex scenes, of course, and some hot guys, plus lots of quality writing and sex advice. There's also interviews, audio stories, columns, sex stories, horoscopes, cartoons and competitions. All galleries are rated according to their explicitness, for those who are looking to explore things slowly.

Click here to find out more about Sssh.

Lust Cinema
Spanish feminist filmmaker Erika Lust has created a fabulous site called Lust Cinema. Here you'll find all of her award-winning porn for women films such as Cabaret Desire and Life, Love, Lust as well as the work of other feminist directors including Jennifer Lyon Bell, Maria Beatty, Ovidie and Tristan Taormino. There's a wide range of porn on offer here, from hardcore to artistic to romance to full-on-gonzo. This is a membership site which means you get access to all the movies when you join. New ones added all the time. If you want to see the latest in quality feminist porn films, it's at Lust Cinema.

Click here to find out more about Lust Cinema.

Pink Label TV
A few years ago pioneering lesbian director Shine Louise Houston created the Crash Pad Series, a much-loved queer website. Now she's launched a video-on-demand site that features the groundbreaking films of feminist porn directors. At Pink Label you'll find the work of Courtney Trouble, Annie Sprinkle, T-Wood Pictures, Petra Joy and Shine herself. And check out my male masturbation film The Thought Of Her! You can watch individual movies and stream them to your PC or device. No membership required.

Click here to find out more about Pink Label TV.

Pure CunnilingusPure Cunnilingus
One of the frustrating things about porn is that cunnilingus is never given the attention it deserves. Guys rarely go down, and they don't do it for long enough! To remedy this, one woman made Pure Cunnilingus, gathering up a huge archive of guy-on-girl pussy licking pics and movies, writing some seriously hot fiction and gathering up everything you'd ever need to know about tongue-on-clit. If you're a fan of muff diving (and not the girl-girl sort) then this is the place to go! You also get access to all the other sites in the network, including Women's Erotica Club.

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CFNM stands for "Clothed Female, Naked Male" and it's all about voyeurism with a touch of female domination added. CFNM was originally a form of women's entertainment but the porn industry has warped that, making it all about the guy. Pure CFNM is better than most, offering up true-to-genre CFNM featuring naked guys doing what girls tell them to. They often end up getting a blowjob in the process. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you'll like this site.
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Want to discover more adult sites for women? Visit Ms Naughty, which lists a comprehensive range of sexy sites for straight women.


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We Recommend...

Best Women's Erotica 2013

Best Women's Erotica 2013
Author Violet Blue says that in this compilation of explicit erotic fiction "every single story is layered top to toe with explicit sex, hardand wet and mean and sweet, flowing around love, and fused with characterswho finally feel likeus. What women want: with no apologies." Porn for women, in print!
Available from Amazon.

Under The Covers

Candida Royalle's Under The Covers
Candida Royalle has long been the undisputed queen of women's porn. She made her first adult movie for straight women in 1984 and hasn't looked back, released over 17 hot titles, all of them conforming to her vision of erotica - sensual hardcore focusing on female pleasure with NO cumshots. Under The Covers is the latest release from Femme productions. It follows the adventures of a female journalist delving into the thrilling world of sex toys, porn and private adult parties. There's a seriously hot threesome scene at the end (in masks, no less) that I really recommend. There's also plenty of witty dialogue and a wicked sense of humor, and the acting isn't too bad either!

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